Visual information engages an audience

Infographics use graphic data forms to better represent knowledge and increase ease and clarity of communication. Unlike blocks of text, infographics have, through research and statistics, been proven to be a more efficient tool of communication. Whether it is in a lecture hall or in a board meeting or out in the field doing sales and marketing, infographics incorporated in your presentations are sure to grab your audience’s attention and communicate your message.

Recent research shows that, around 90% of the information conveyed to our brains is visual and it’s processed by the brain thousands of times faster than worded information. In addition, the brain is able to retain this type of information more than it would complex text forms of data. Infographics facilitate the simplification of complex data and make it more coherent and easy to understand. In addition, these graphics are more memorable and increase the ease with which one can compare different data types.

We live in an information overload age, and while this is a good thing because it improves availability of data, it poses a big challenge for companies that are trying to make an entry into the market place. You are literally competing with billions of other people for the attention of your readers.

Benefits of using infographics:
  • Improve advertising and increase sales

According to MDG Advertising, information with visual graphics is likely to generate more views by a staggering 93 percent. Increased social media traffic, brand subscribers and followers allows your media content to reach a wider target market. Over time, this growing product and service awareness online can convert into real time paying clients thereby increasing sales.

  • Raise search marketing

Well-designed infographics can be shared easily across multiple platforms and with every share that links back to your site, your SEO improves. In addition to this, shares by fans on social media are free marketing that can turn out to be more effective than paid advertising.

  • Simplify communication

It has been said that a picture speaks a thousand words. The truth of this statement is the working principle behind the success of infographics. Instead of the long wearisome company report we have become accustomed to, we can have relatively shorter and simpler reports boosted by well-used infographics.

Infographics are a great advertising and marketing tool, thanks to their sharable nature, and if well incorporated into a company’s ecosystem, whether in-house or for marketing to clients, can tremendously improve engagement and brand awareness.







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