The Art of Content: Getting savvy with your content strategy

NSW Creative Industries Business Advisor, Monica Davidson, mentors some of the best content creators in Australia and explains the best approach to realise a powerful content strategy that drives engagement.

So few are better placed to see what the content creators of Australia are doing in the content marketing space


A content campaign needs direction, and above all else, Davidson urges businesses to define that direction and set goals for their content. “I’m usually encouraging them to pick a goal—any goal—and then create a strategy toward that goal.”

But just any goal isn’t going to cut it. Goals need to be specific and measurable.


Quality content is what sets successful businesses apart from the ones that struggle. It is critical in building credibility and trust with your key audience.

“Quality content indicates that there’ll be some sort of quality follow-up to that content. It’s not just a question of getting stories out there into the world,” Davidson explains. 

“Creating content is a real challenge. A lot of marketers are mistakenly under the impression that shooting something with their iPhone and cutting it in iMovie is going to work.”


A great content strategy always reflects the needs of the user by providing value and improving some aspect of their life. “Any content that you create to showcase your work is actually about the client or the potential client,” Davidson says.  

“This audience engagement and connection is key to a great content strategy. It needs to be completely authentic, completely truthful, a little bit humorous and meaningful in some way.”


“Why are you doing this is one of the main questions I ask,” Davidson says. “I think a lot of people put together a content strategy to win new clients, but I would urge people to put together a content strategy that actually keeps existing clients happy and informed and engaged. That can actually be much more fruitful.”


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