The Art of Content: Five considerations for your content strategy workshop

A good content strategy workshop is a great way to draw a line in the sand, see where you are at, and plan where you want to get to.

Having conducted many workshops over the years, here are five key considerations that need to be at the forefront of your analysis.

1. Personnel – Make sure your review includes the input from multiple employees who are involved with content, across multiple departments, and then also invite a few employees who are impartial.

2. Benchmarking – Set yourself criteria that need to be audited impartially and repeated on regular timeframes, for instance, every 6 months or every year, so you have some KPIs to target.

3. Content – the classic content audit review what you are doing at present, by month, by department and by type of content. You then map out what you would like to do over the next year. Voilà, you have a content calendar.

4. Ecosystem – It’s all very well and good having bold plans for your content calendar but this needs to be measured against the practical resources available from your ecosystem. By resources we mean Hardware, Software, People (Talent, Labour), Network and connectivity.

5. Audience – Tie it all up with auditing what you say, to whom and when.

Lastly, having an external facilitator come on and run your workshop for you means you get complete impartiality. We’d love to help.


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