The Art of Content: Shining a light on unbelievably beautiful content

Light painting is long exposure photography, in which the shutter is open from around ten seconds up to five minutes or even longer. A light source is introduced allowing the photographer to draw and paint in the image.

The source can be fire. It can be LEDs, car trails going past or star trails in the sky. Light painters can create pictures, logos and even stop motion animation.

Alex Kesselaar is a light painter, photographer and videographer in Sydney, and has collaborated with TEN ALPHAs on numerous projects to create some beautiful compelling content.  Here are Alex’s Six Top Tips for creating unique, beautiful content.

Use art that inspires you

Have the courage to be influenced by the art you like, and not just by what’s hot in the corporate content world.

Focus on an artist rather than a designer at your agency

Every designer has their own style and strengths and weaknesses, and so can’t always expand themselves into different genres. However, a good designer at your agency can take an artist’s work and apply it to any corporate environment.

Re-purpose the content across multiple channels

Often the ‘artwork’ is only used across the campaign medium, but should in fact be expanded to ripple throughout the company’s presence.

Lead with the emotion not the key message

Beautiful content works best when there is emotion behind the message and there is a connection to your band. There should always be a rationale behind the imagery aesthetic, its execution and the key messaging.

You need an aesthetic to cut through

It’s very, very hard for you to actually cut through and create something that sticks with people because of the flood.

“I think the brands that take risks and do things differently, they’re the ones that win in the long run,” says Kesselaar. 

Production values versus media spend

Often the production budget is fixed and is incomparable to the media spend. Kesselaar believes a 10% increase in production budget would have a higher effect on memorability and effectiveness.


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