Event filming is more than just pointing a camera at the action – it’s about capturing the mood, the atmosphere and the nuances that make an event unique. What’s more, the video coverage have many uses.


Some examples of our work:

Types of event videos we produce:

Here are some of outputs you can get from an event:

  • An event highlights video, to promote your company and future events
  • Full session videos, for the business archive, training tools and so that a wider audience have access the the event’s content
  • “Golden moments” videos of speaker, for marketing campaigns
  • Expert interviews, showcasing your company’s connections and expertise
  • Audience vox pops and testimonials, to show people’s positive reactions to your event (this is also great content for social media)


What can you expect from us?

  • Expertise & quality:

Event filming can throw up challenges that demand skill, experience and the right tools and equipment. Working in noisy and busy environments which sometimes have poor lighting, for example, demands specialist equipment and expertise. We are experienced with all these challenges, and can guarantee quality outputs.

  • Professional Crew: 

Depending on the scale of the event and the outputs requested, we will provide one or two cameramen and producer. We guarantee that our crew will be unobtrusive, respectful and suitably attired for occasion.

  • Comprehensive video coverage:

If requested, we can cover your event from all angles – full speaker sessions, overlay footage (audience mingling, catering, entertainment, venue), interviews, vox pops, and screen recordings.

  • Value for money:

We are happy to discuss a reduced rate for producing multiple video outputs of one event.

  • Quick turnaround:

If you let us know your deadline ahead of time, we can accommodate for quick turnaround of event videos.