Outsourced Chief Content Officer

Often resources become an issue, so our outsourcing model works very well for you in the short term. It’s usually a short term retainer model, where you sub-contract us to work a number of days within your business.

Typical outcomes include:

  • The creation and management of an internal Video Committee
  • Setting up of processes and policies for long term growth
  • Implementation of the recommendations from the Workshop
  • Setting up of analysis and reporting metrics on cost, engagement and return
  • Regular reports to the Executive and advice on the effectiveness of content

Online Video Workshop

An all-day workshop for up to 12 stakeholders where we audit what you are doing right now, and plan to get to where you want to be. We evaluate your Ecosystem, your Content and your Audience.

The Ecosystem you operate in to create and manage your content – hardware, software, resources, etc

The Content you create – across department, by type, by subject, over the year, and what you would like to be making

The Audience you are talking to – who, and where is your content being watched, and why.

The Distribution strategy – how your content gets delivered across all devices, across all properties, and gets seeded to your social networks, and third party partner sites.

The Analytics of the results – over time, not just on a one off video so you can monitor how you commercialise and/or monetise your content.

A 40 page report is provided that maps out a strategy and budget for the year ahead.

DIY Workshops for
Infographics and Video Production

We believe in giving you the tool kit to do some of the easier and quicker jobs yourselves, and leave the complex ones for us to do for you!

Both the Infographic Workshop and the Video Production Workshop assess your ability to create content in house. They look at the talent, labour and resources to plan, create and distribute the content, and the tools to report on it accordingly.

The workshops generally run for one day for up to ten people.

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