TEN ALPHAS partners with creative agency 2and2 to produce engaging, provocative and visually beautiful educational videos.


What are educational videos?

What can you expect from us?

  • Pre-production:

Educational videos involve multiple elements, including an engaging script, multiple locations, actors, props and costumes. We will take care of all pre-production organisation, so that the process is efficient and stress-free.

  • Scriptwriting:

As these are dramatic scenarios, we recommend employing an experienced storyteller to write your scripts. We offer scriptwriting services, guidance and support. We can also discuss which types of videos would best achieve your learning outcomes:
– dramatic scenarios (the student observes a situation play out)
– interactive videos (the person on camera interacts directly with the viewer)
– monologues (the student watches the person on camera tell a story).

  • Production:

We will provide a professional crew, directors and producers to run production. We will ensure that all actors deliver authentic performances, and take care of aspects such as transport, catering, set, costumes, props and makeup.

  • Post production:

We employ a storytelling approach to our editing process – producing engaging and touching outputs through beautiful imagery, sound, music and animation.

  • Distribution:

Our partner 2and2 can provide elegant and practical online platforms for your educational videos. They can work with you to develop your e-learning program, and incorporate your videos within a larger educational experience, including interactive activities, downloadable takeaways and more.