#1 in our Top Ten Tips to Engaging Content: Branding

Published by TEN ALPHAS | 1st October 2020

Welcome to The Art of Content! 

Here at TEN ALPHAS, we have been creating content for a very long time. The founders Nick and Jess teach Content Creation in film at AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School) and are also NSW Government Creative Industry Business Advisors, where we advise creative business owners.

We applied to the City of Sydney for a grant to share our experience with businesses, especially those who might be doing it tough during COVID-19, and need some helping hands to get their business back on track, and want to do some of their own video marketing.

#1 - Strategy
#2 - Brand and Visual Storytelling
#3 - Idea Generation Tools
#4 - Development - Working in Colour
#5 - Emotion in Branding
#6 - Smartphone Video Guide
#7 - Talking to Camera and Shooting Interviews
#8 - Post Production Tips: Editing, Animation and Sound
#9 - Publishing your Videos
#10 - Amplify your Content

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Each week you will have some exercises to do, so open up a document and start your Content Marketing Brand Bible!

Week one is about Strategy -  an overused, scary kind of word that evokes thoughts of business meetings and 5-year plans! 
So let’s break it down a bit and simply think of it as your briefing document for your content marketing campaign.
Don’t put pressure on yourself by thinking you have to get it right the first time, but regard this document as an ever-evolving central repository for the campaign that gets tweaked as you go.

And, this strategy is just for the duration of your campaign, so it will exist for a few weeks or months. We are not thinking long term here.

Let’s get started!

Exercise #1: Define your Campaign strategy.

Goals: You may have heard of the SMART Goals framework - use this framework for your campaign.
Money: As much as we are encouraging you to do most of this internally, there will still be costs. Think about what you need to buy, or what to outsource, and do some initial budgeting.   
Resources: Outline the resources (eg. human skill sets, hardware and software) you need to develop your campaign, either internally or externally. 
Timelines: Put together a GANTT chart of what needs doing over the duration of your campaign.

That’s it for this week, next week we start looking at the visual elements of your brand, images  and story. 

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