#10 in our Top Ten Tips to Engaging Content: Amplify your Content

Published by TEN ALPHAS | 22nd September 2020

You didn’t slave over your content for what seems like a decade just to have the like and share count hover in the teens. You need to amplify your content.

Content amplification is a powerful technique that delivers amazing results. When it’s done correctly, it can expand your audience, position your brand firmly top-of-mind with customers, and create some cool new opportunities.

Amplify techniques

Content amplification isn’t a single strategy or technique. It encompasses a range of strategies to increase the reach of your content.

Under the influence

 If you’re struggling to get the right exposure for your content, think about putting it into the right hands. The hands of an influencer. Partnering with the right influencer can help your follower count and engagement rates soar, especially if you find an influencer in the right niche for your target audience.

This approach also works with blogger partnerships. Identify a few blogs that cover content relevant to yours and reach out to explore a mutually beneficial promotion.

Pay to play

Nearly every social media network offers a program that allows for your brand to pay to promote your content. Sponsored Tweets, pre-roll video ads, boosted posts, they all work to increase your content’s visibility and reach. To ensure your dollars go a long way, make sure you tailor your spend to the audience you would most like to engage. And keep your brand top-of-mind by resharing your promoted points in your feed.

Simply the best

It’s tempting to think of your content like your children—you love them all the same. Stop that now. Content amplification is useless unless you’re promoting your best content. Publishing this valuable content is going to capture likes, encourage sharing, promote engagement, and attract followers. This rule is especially true for paid posts or you could run through your budget quickly.

Make an appointment

Timing is everything. Scheduling your social media posts offers a lot of benefits. Not only does it guarantee your posts will pop up in feeds at prime traffic hours and reach the largest possible audience, it also allows you to plan an effective mix of content and look for ways to reinforce your message on a variety of platforms. A great posting strategy coupled with a scheduling tool will also free up your time to create new content.

It’s a noisy, cluttered place out in the world of content marketing. Competition is extreme. Audiences are demanding, and not to mention finicky. These factors make content amplification crucial. It’s time to make your content work harder, increase your reach and create more opportunities to connect with your target consumers.

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