#9 in our Top Ten Tips to Engaging Content: Publishing your Videos

Published by TEN ALPHAS | 23rd September 2020

Yay! You have sign off on the edit of your video. But don’t go celebrate too soon—the hard work isn’t over. Read on for tips to optimize your video and publish on various platforms.

See and say

Did you know that nearly 85 percent of people watch social videos with the sound off? Makes you want to rethink why you paid for a music track and sound effects, doesn’t it? But it should also make you think about creating a video that can be just as effective with no audio track. To capture —and keep—your audience’s attention, be sure to emphasize important visual components, incorporate subtitles or text to convey the highlights of the message.

Export Quality

Today’s technology has made the video watching world pretty unforgiving. They don’t have time for poor quality visual entertainment. That’s why it’s important to export for the best quality viewing experience. At a minimum you should be exporting at HD. Export settings can be a little confusing because there are so many options. Stick with h264 and you will have the best results.

Show up in the right places

The keep to success isn’t just having great content, sorry to say. It’s important to be smart with where you are posting and what platforms you’ll use. This all depends on your goals and where your target audience spends their time online. 

Social Media Video Specs

The main platforms all have different specifications for the video and it’s important to keep on top of it. Rather then regurgitate the info, here is a link to one of our favourite resources the Influencer Marketing Hub.


Words matter

Carefully consider your metadata. The way that you optimise your content can help you to reach a much larger audience. Add great tags and titles and think about what people will be searching to find your video.

Outputting your content a second time with captions is a good idea for people with hard of hearing, and for all those commuters who are scrolling social content on their mobile on the train. Again, use to create the captions and edit them in 


Sharing is caring

Just like when your were little, sharing is good. Reach out to your networks and ask them to share your video. Tag collaborators or relevant businesses to help your video reach more people. Pay attention to local happenings and post your video when it aligns with events that are trending. Share with bloggers or local journalists who can share your content in connection with topics they are covering.

The best way to grow an audience for your video by concentrate on a niche. Post regularly, once a week for example, and be consistent with the content you publish. The followers and subscribers will multiply.

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