Casting Notice for 25minute short film

Published by TEN ALPHAS | 15th February 2020


Production title: MATE 
Production Type: Short Film
Genre: Drama
Project length: 30minutes
Production Company: TEN ALPHAS
Director: George-Alex Nagle
Director of Photography: Ben Lindberg
Producer: Nick Bolton
Email: 0412 101726
Shooting Location: Westmead and Penrith
Compensation*: Jack $1000 Krystal $500 Rest: No payment
Distribution: Short film festivals and VOD streaming platforms

* ‘Mate’ is a self-funded film, receiving no government support, and most likely a non-revenue generating film. All Heads of Departments are ex-AFTRS grads and all working professionally in the film industry. ‘Mate’ will be filmed on the Alexa mini and produced to very high professional standards, with high expectations at prestige film festivals. Naturally we cannot pay industry rates, but hope the amount offered is of enough significance to make it worth your while, build valuable contacts, and create some work you are proud of. 

Shooting Dates, Times, Location (subject to change):

Wednesday 15th April. 2pm-11pm. Westmead.
Thursday 16th April. 2pm - 11pm. Westmead.
Friday 17th April.
2pm - 11pm. Westmead.
Saturday 18th April.
10am -  8pm. Werrington.
Sunday 19th April.
Day off
Monday 20th April.2pm - 11pm. Pendle Hill.
Tuesday 21st April.
2pm- 11pm. Pendle Hill.

“Mate” is a half-hour coming-of-age drama about Jack, a meek thirteen-year-old boy attempting to reconnect with his. estranged father, John, over the weekend of his thirtieth birthday in an insular pocket of outer Western Sydney. Jack’s longing for his father is tested as John’s self-destructive tendencies surface and the weekend of would-be celebration slowly descends into chaos. “Mate” examines themes of masculinity, maturity, and familial roles, as well as depression, stagnation and failure. But, ultimately questions the nature of personal change, choices and growth.
This film involves strong language, adult themes and confronting subject matter.


Jack: 13years old (actor preferably over 15), Male. Must be mixed-race.
Jack is 13, and with that comes more than the average pain and confusion you’d expect. No longer a boy, not yet a man. He’s studious, reserved, and meek but also excels at sports, and hasn’t quite grown into his new athletic adolescent body. Jack feels out of place in his world. A loner in a new private school populated by kids of wealthy parents who bully him, and pushed away from his mother who has recently given birth to the child of her new husband. Jack longs for his absent biological father, John. He fondly remembers the time when they were best friends, possibly the last time he was truly happy. But John is not the same person he remembers. Jack internalises most of his emotions, afraid and embarrassed to let new people get to know him, including John. But as John increasingly neglects and antagonises him, heartbreak and anger festers beneath the surface, boiling.
His Father, John is caucasian, but Jack has to be ‘mixed-race’. 
Dates: Jack would be required at all six dates
Audition script: Jack and John Audition Scene 4 - Bathroom v3 or Jack and John Audition Scene 4 - Living Room v3

Krystal: Female ~ 18-19yo (actress can be 18-25) 5 scenes. Major speaking role.

Krystal is a young bartender at the local suburban pub, her first serious job out of high school. To an
outsider this pub may seem rough, but she has grown up around here and is very much at home. She
may come across as naive but she has developed a thick skin and knows the game. Flirting with
patrons keeps them happy, drinking and tipping, though, there is a line that she knows not to cross. But
then, she is young and has a lot of life experience yet to earn.
NB: this role requires passionate kissing with one of the lead characters “John”.  Candidates of diverse ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 
Dates: Krystal will be required on four days, Half day at Werrington, 1 day at Westmead and both Pendle Hill days.
Audition script: Krystal and Davo Audition Scene v3

Paula: Female ~60-70 (50-80) 3 scenes. Speaking role
Paula is a “local” at the pub. She has been drinking there every day of her adult life and now is somewhat of a matriarch for the other locals. She has seen owners, staff, and even other locals come and go, but she has remained the only constant. This is her pub. She can be sweet and motherly but she’s been around the block and can put even the roughest, toughest and drunkest of men in their place. NB: Paula is preferably a smoker.
Dates: The two Pendle Hill dates
Audition script: Paula Audition Scene v3

Davo: Male ~50 (40-60) 3 scenes. Speaking role.
Labourer till 3pm. Larrikin at the pub by 3:30. He’s had a few wives, a few kids, but like Paula, this pub is his home and the locals are his family. He’s a unique character who’s tough on the outside with a big heart.
NB: We are looking for a real “character” for this role, non-actors encouraged to apply. Davo is preferably a smoker.
Dates: The two Pendle Hill dates
Audition script: Krystal and Davo Audition Scene v3

Stacy: Female 30 (28-35) – Jack’s mother - 1 scene. Speaking role
Stacy loves her son, Jack, and for many years it was just the two of them. He was the result of a drunken teenage hook-up with John, which forced her to drop out of high school and put her own life on hold. She may be from very humble origins but now she’s moving up in the world. She educated herself, found a respectful career and eventually moved out to an upper middle-class suburb. She loves her husband Brent, and just wants Jack and her new born baby to have a better life than she did.
NB – Actors of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the this role, but the casting of the character of “Jack” will influence the casting of “Stacy”
Dates: Just half a day at Werrington
Audition script:
Stacy and Brent Audition Scene v2

Apply through this link with:
1/ a self-tape audition (don’t worry about camera quality, its performance we are looking at)
2/ your resume
3/ links to showreels 

Applications close Saturday 7th March
Auditions will take place on Saturday 14th March in Western Sydney - location tbc

Mate short film by George-Alex Nagle
Mate short film by George-Alex Nagle