Good business podcasts are an effective and personal way to build ongoing relationships with your clients, employees and partners. You can share information about your products and company, or discuss industry insights and ideas.


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Benefits of Business Podcasts:

  • Connect with your audience

In a podcast, you are speaking directly to your listeners. If you broadcast regular podcasts, your audience will become familiar with your voice, and this familiarity will keep them coming back and keep your company in their minds. New potential customers will develop a good sense of your values and way of running the business, so podcasts are also an effective non-invasive marketing strategy.

  • Easy and cheap to produce

A podcast is easy to produce, whether you do it your self or employ the help of professionals. A high-quality microphone will make your podcast sound better, as will professional editing software and sound mixing. In any case, podcasts can be recorded, edited and published at a very reasonable cost, in a short amount of time. 

  • Time-efficient convenient form of communication

Listening to podcasts is easy and enjoyable – people can listen while doing other activities, at work, at home, or during their commute. Once a person subscribes to your podcast feed, they will be notified of any new podcasts you publish, and be encouraged to keep up to date with your latest news. 

  • Authoritative presence

Through podcasts, you can share your industry expertise and knowledge, demonstrate your passion and speaking skills, and provide your audience with useful information and interesting ideas. Customers want a company that knows their industry, and podcasts can help build that trust and confidence.


What can you expect from us?

  • We can advise you on the content, structure and tone of your podcasts
  • We can record your podcasts with professional equipment in a recording studio
  • We can source appropriate music and sound to enhance your podcast
  • We can edit and mix your podcast, and provide you with high quality audio files
  • We can help you publish your podcast online
  • We can provide distribution and marketing advice, to help you build a strong community of listeners