SafeMinds for Headspace, with 2and2


2and2 provide online digital experiences that educate and inspire. Their approach brings expert educators and communications specialists into the same creative space. They draw on diverse resources such as education, computer games, consumer and luxury brand marketing, software development, artificial intelligence and academia.

Their client, Headspace is a youth mental health initiative established by the Australian government in 2006. The initiative offers support for those aged 12 to 25 years old on a range of issues including depression, anxiety, stress, alcohol and drug use, sexuality, sexual health, personal or family relationship issues and bullying.


Headspace was launching a new interactive teaching program on disordered eating and body image in school children, to educate teachers on how to best detect, react to and manage eating disorders in their students.

They engaged 2and2 design the program, which involved two dramatic scenarios – one telling the story of Lucy, suffering from anorexia, and the other the story of Nicko, showing signs of excessive exercise obsession.

As 2and2’s video production partner, TEN ALPHAS were brought on to produce the videos for this project, written by Jim Shomos.


As this project deals with delicate subject matter, the scripts needed provoke empathetic reactions from the viewers while avoiding clichés or over-simplifications.
In addition to the two main videos, we produced a third video – an “inner monologue” from the point of view of Lucy, so as to encourage the viewers to understand the situation from her point of view.

We cast some very talented young actors to play the roles – Mimana Kiel as Lucy and Eduard Geyl as Nicko, as well as numerous praiseworthy extras.

We filmed Lucy’s scenes at Lane Cove National Park, braving a massive storm (getting a filming permit was a long process and we couldn’t afford to reschedule). Cast and crew pulled through and we captured some lovely atmospheric footage.

Gleanaeon Rudolf Steiner School were very generous in allowing us to film the Nicko scenes at their Middle Cove campus, in support of Headspace and all the great work they do for young people.


The three educational videos we produced were well received from Headspace. They received great feedback from the teachers taking part in the course, many of whom said that the videos allowed them to better understand eating disordors on both practical and emotional levels.


Agency: 2and2
Director: Jonathan Adams
Producer: Erin Harvey
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Sound Recordist: Mika Manninen
Assistant Cameraman: Gabriel McCarthy
Make up Artist: Lauren Hoddinott

Lucy: Mimana Kiel
Nicko: Eduard Geyl
Stevie: Lewis Defina
Katherine: Monica Sayers
Macka: Carla Nirella
Mr Zimmer: Gabriel McCarthy
Ms Ahley: Wendy Strehlow
Extras: Balin Rowley, Chloe Tooker, Georgia D’Amico, Jasper Musgrave, Jennet Bektasovska, Juliet Pifat, Laneikka Denne, Owen Gibson, Stuart Robinson


Year: 2016
Categories: Educational Video

Motion Graphics