eLearning videos for Like Father Like Son, with 2and2


2and2 provide online digital experiences that educate and inspire. Their approach brings expert educators and communications specialists into the same creative space. They draw on diverse resources such as education, computer games, consumer and luxury brand marketing, software development, artificial intelligence and academia.

2and2 were engaged to work on the Like Father Like Son initiative, a three year project led by Professor Mark Dadds at the University of Sydney and a national collaboration of health researchers, clinicians, policy leaders and consumer groups, with the aim of improving the rates of father participation in parenting programs.


2and2 helped develop the Like Father Like Son online platforms, including:

  • A web-based parenting program, designed to meet the needs of fathers as well as mothers
  • A training program for clinicians and practitioners to improve engagement of fathers in programs and services

As 2and2’s video partner, TEN ALPHAS produced the elearning videos for the two programs.


The training videos involved a combination of pieces to camera by expert presenters, dramatic scenarios to portray and demonstrate the situations that are described, graphic animations and insertion of existing educational video footage and images.

This involved careful planning to select and structure the various components, and track any script or content changes that were made during production.

It was a lot of fun filming with the three young actors Holly Hughes, Theo Masters and Kael Kolodochka, who were all a pleasure to work with and very professional.


The Sydney University team leading the project were very happy with the eLearning videos we delivered, and have been seeing some great results in engaging their participants.

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Agency: 2and2
Director: Jonathan Adams
Producer: Erin Harvey
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Assistant Cameraman: Gabriel McCarthy
Production Assistant: Madeleine King
Editor: Madeleine King


Year: 2016
Categories: Educational Video

Motion Graphics