Interactive videos for RAC Road Safety, with 2and2


2and2 provide online digital experiences that educate and inspire. Their approach brings expert educators and communications specialists into the same creative space. They draw on diverse resources such as education, computer games, consumer and luxury brand marketing, software development, artificial intelligence and academia.

Their client, The Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC WA) is a motoring club and mutual organisation, offering motoring services and advice, insurance, travel services, finance and driver training. As the independent voice for road users in WA, RAC is concerned with all aspects of road and community safety.


The RAC were launching a Road Safety Campaign to raise awareness of safety issues while using mobile phones when driving. This was targeted at new drivers in WA aged 16-18. The main focus was on texting, taking selfies, watching YouTube, using Snapchat and Face-timing.

2and2 planned and designed an interactive episodic series where the player can decide on the outcomes and create their own story. The episodes are a mixture of video and interactive graphic novel.

The concept was ‘What would you do if you could change the future?’. Each story opens on a ‘just before accident’ scene. It is the viewer’s job to try and prevent what is about to happen. The aim was for this to be believable and raw, and strike a chord with young people.

As 2and2’s video production partner, TEN ALPHAS were brought on to produce the interactive videos for this project.

Episode One focuses on the car crash of an 18 year old couple driving to their schoolies trip, distracted while texting and playing on their phones. The viewers witness the series of events that lead up to the crash, including two school boys fooling around with a shopping trolley on a dark road.


As the series takes place in Western Australia, and we were filming in New South Wales, location scouting was important – we needed to find backdrops with houses, roads and vegetation that could be geographically believable. We ended up finding some great spots around Bulli NSW.

We cast a talented group of young actors – Edward Geyl and Lewis Defina as the school boys, and Lachlan Edmonds-Munro and Daniele Clements as the teenage couple. They all got on very well, which meant that their on-camera interactions were natural and spontaneous, and they were able to improvise some sections of the script.

To fully engage viewers, the project required various types of videos – dramatic scenarios, Snapchat videos from the point of view of the characters and videos taken by the characters on their mobile phones. When necessary, we directed the actors to assist with capturing these elements, resulting in raw and realistic outputs.

Many scenes needed to be filmed outside at night, which involved extensive risk assessment and health and safety precautions, as well as carefully planned lighting set ups.

We then edited and graded the videos to fit within the “graphic novel” style of the campaign.


The series of interactive videos we created complimented and completed Episode One of the RAC Road Safety Campaign, creating an engaging education tool that has been successfully used to lower the road toll of young drivers in Western Australia.


Agency: 2and2
Director: Jonathan Adams
Producer: Erin Harvey
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Assistant Cameraman: Jess Milne
Editor: Adrian Powers
Make up Artist: Lauren Hoddinott

Emma: Daniele Clements
Pete: Lachlan Edmonds-Munro
Josh: Eduard Geyl
Daniel: Lewis Defina


Year: 2016
Categories: Educational Video

Motion Graphics