“Diversity and Inclusion” training videos for FWO, with 2and2


2and2 provide online digital experiences that educate and inspire. Their approach brings expert educators and communications specialists into the same creative space. They draw on diverse resources such as education, computer games, consumer and luxury brand marketing, software development, artificial intelligence and academia.

Their client, Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is a government organisation who work with employees, employers and the community to educate and encourage compliance with Australia’s workplace laws.
FWO has recently launched an online educational program for businesses to train their staff on the subjects diversity and inclusion in the workforce.
The course is structured around interactive and engaging first-person training videos.
This allows an immersive, active learning experience enabling viewers to explore, understand and apply learning outcomes within familiar and relevant workplace contexts. The topics addressed are complex and cover multiple learning outcomes applying to a range of workplace environments and circumstances.


TEN ALPHAS were engaged to produce the videos for the program. There were various challenges in this regard.
For the cast, we had to source believable and suitable actors of multiple ethnicities and ages. We also had to structure the shoot efficiently, so as to film in multiple locations – the workplaces of each of the characters – over a three-day period.


Through careful planning and organisation during pre-production, and constant communication and collaboration with the agency 2and2, we scheduled an efficient and production shoot. The client was happy with the locations and casting choices, and production ended on a high.
Thanks to the representatives from both 2and2 and FWO attending the shoot, and providing feedback and approval on shots as we filmed, post production was straight forward.


FWO’s teaching programs have achieved great success with businesses, employers and employees, and the videos served as vital teaching tools within these programs.

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Agency: 2and2
Director: Jonathan Adams
Producer: Erin Harvey
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Assistant Cameraman: Ethan Mckenzie
Make up Artist: Kristin Brett

Sherin: Carla Nirelli
Jean: Sarah Carroll
Jono: Guy Simon
Michael: Ivan Clarke
Trevor: Patrick Dickson
Amanda: Wendy Strehlow
Eva: Alana Birtles
Cathy: Monica Sayers
Ananya: Aishervyaa Nidhi
Hannah/Bec: Isabella Tannock
Glen: Chris Miller


Year: 2016
Categories: Educational Video

Motion Graphics