Bondi Dreaming
a Sydney Theatre Production


Three mates Frankie, Charlie and Macca from Western Sydney, are incarcerated on death row in an Asian prison on drug smuggling charges. To occupy the time, and to escape the harsh reality of their existence, they resort to ‘role-play’ to recap and reminisce on past memories, and fantasize about that they will miss out on. Dreaming of Bondi.

Bondi Dreaming is a ficticious account of three Australians awaiting the death penalty in an Asian prison. While it is inspired by the Bali Nine, it isn’t biographical. The plays aim is humanise the plight of these characters and their true life counterparts.

It’s also a story of mateship and connection. These loveable rogues have been friends since knee high and have encountered the rites of passage of childhood, teen years and adolescence into adulthood, and all the highs and lows that life brings are represented through their role play.

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Written and directed by Sam Atwell and Nick Bolton
Executive Producers: Sam Atwell and Nick Bolton
Produced by Nick Bolton
DOP: Rodrigo Vidal Dawson
Make up: Monica Morales
Photography: John Dunn
Editor: Anthony Beach
Sound Designer and Music: Alon Ilsar
Cast: Greg Hatton, John McNeill, Kate Ritchie, Alexandra Park, Annie Byron


Year: 2011-2015
Categories: Social Impact Content, Theatre