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Cloud Sherpas is a global cloud advisory and technology services company. It provides cloud strategy, implementation and integration capabilities to clients. Cloud Sherpas is a Salesforce Global Strategic Cloud Alliance Partner, three-time Google Enterprise Partner of the Year for Google Apps and the first ServiceNow partner to reach Preferred Partner Status.


The Star Casino, run by Echo Entertainment, is NSW’s largest employer, with over 4.5 thousand employees. To help manage this enormous business, Echo Entertainment recently moved to the Salesforce platform, with the help of their consulting integration partner Cloud Sherpas. This implementation was very successfully and generated many benefits. Cloud Sherpas engaged TEN ALPHAS, to produce a advocacy video detailing this success story.


We were given one day to shoot the footage for this video, which would then be sent to and editing house in America to be finalized.

We filmed interviews with two major stakeholders in various areas of the casino’s nightclubs. We were given permission to film b-roll throughout the building, which was a fascinating insight into the inner workings of a casino. The lower grounds house vast areas for the staff to use 24 hrs a day, including a huge dining area, cafes, a massive launderette and an IT area. We were also supplied with stunning b-roll from high-end broadcast TV commercials.


Our footage was used to create a very compelling and entertaining customer advocacy video, that Cloud Sherpas have used to great effect to generate new leads, prospects and sales.


Director: Nick Bolton
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Producer: Erin Harvey

Cloud Sherpas

Year: 2014
Categories: Case Studies