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Cloud Sherpas is a global cloud advisory and technology services company. It provides cloud strategy, implementation and integration capabilities to clients. Cloud Sherpas is a Salesforce Global Strategic Cloud Alliance Partner, three-time Google Enterprise Partner of the Year for Google Apps and the first ServiceNow partner to reach Preferred Partner Status.


Headquartered in Victoria, GE Capital is a division of GE Australia. GE Capital provides financial services around business lending and leasing, fleet management and consumer finance to the Australian market.

Like many businesses, GE Capital is continuously looking for new ways to improve its use of technology to simplify the experience for both its customers and its employees. The search for a new solution led the GE Capital team to Salesforce and Cloud Sherpas, as it saw great value in the cloud solution’s platform automation and integration capabilities.

With the help of Cloud Sherpas, GE Capital now has a custom Force.com application that uses Service Cloud components to automate key processes and route all applications through a single system. As a result, the organization has eliminated the need for unnecessary paperwork, improved reporting capabilities and increased cross-sell opportunities, among other benefits.

Cloud Sherpas engaged TEN ALPHAS to produce a video case study detailing this customer success story.


This was the first project we produced for Cloud Sherpas. We were commissioned to shoot the footage for the video, which would then be edited by an American company. We therefore focused our attention on capturing creative, beautiful shots, so that the editing house would have a variety of interesting visuals to use in the final product.


Cloud Sherpas were very happy with how it came out and have since engaged us to make more videos.


Director: Nick Bolton
Producer: Erin Harvey
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams

Cloud Sherpas

Year: 2014
Categories: Case Studies