Freedom Property for FinancialForce.com

Customer Advocacy: “What is as good as Toast and Vegemite?”

A client must be pretty happy when their customer refers to using their products like Toast and Vegemite.
This is how Freedom Property CEO Randall Curry described the benefit of using FinancialForce.com alongside Salesforce to build a product for his real estate business. A mightily successful business it is too.



FinancialForce.com delivers ERP at customer speed and is built on the Salesforce 1 platform. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, they have recently branched out into the Australian market.


FinancialForce.com have experienced great success with customer advocacy videos in America and wanted to replicate the strategy with some local case studies in Australia. TEN ALPHAS were engaged as the local provider via our agency partner Capital-E, who look after their marketing strategy.
The first client they wanted for a case study was Freedom Property. This company was taking real estate to the cloud, and employed the FinancialForce.com platform to eliminate the need for expensive office overheads and re-invent the way real estate works in Australia.


TEN ALPHAS listened to what FinancialForce.com needed, researched the work of their American suppliers and delivered a quality of video that both adhered to the video brand guidelines developed in America and was relevant and engaging to Australian audiences.


Both FinancialForce.com and Freedom Property were very happy with the customer advocacy video we delivered and have been very proactive in promoting it.
Indeed for the first time ever, we received no changes to the edit when provided to Freedom Property.

Read the case study written by FinancialForce.com here →Read Case Study


Director: Nick Bolton
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Producer: Erin Harvey
Editor: Jonathan Adams


Year: 2015
Categories: Case Studies

Motion Graphics