“Independence is Precious” videos for Mission Australia’s 2016 Spring Appeal, with iSentia


Mission Australia work to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities across Australia, by offering victim support, helping people secure jobs, receive an education, find housing and develop important life skills.

The 2016 Spring Appeal by Mission Australia was set up to attract donations to help the thousands of children who have lost their homes because of a crisis – frightened and desperate they sleep wherever they can, often in places that are unsafe or unliveable.

Mission Australia commissioned media intelligence agency iSentia to manage the marketing and comms for this project. Part of the strategy was to create impacting television commercials to provoke an emotional, empathetic and shocking response from the viewer. TEN ALPHAS were engaged to direct and provide the production crew for the two videos – “Domestic Violence” and “Child Poverty” – based on the creative provided by iSentia.


The creative required a first person perspective and that both video were done in just one shot. In order to get the first person perspective we used a helmet cam. The helmet used was cumbersome and heavy (as the camera required a counterweight for stability). The actor and child actor could therefore only wear the helmet for about 10minutes at a time.

Filming the videos in one take, using the head-cam, meant that we had to carefully and thoroughly block and rehearse each video. This was particularly tricky for the enclosed space of the car.
Due to the mobility of the head-cam, we couldn’t have a direct feed from the camera to a monitor for reviewing, so we had to do several takes and then review.

Another tricky technical element was that both videos have with the talent looking in a mirror. To film this with the head-cam would mean that the camera would be visible in the reflection. We therefore shot the reverse (with the actor performing without the head-cam) then superimposed this filmed image onto the mirror.

Lastly, this project required the actors to portray very emotional scenarios – we had to be very considerate of this fact, particularly in regards to the younger talent.


The 2016 Spring appeal videos were extremely successful for Mission Australia. Thanks to the quality of the still and moving image outputs, and a comprehensive media spend that extended to multiple online platforms and print outlets such bus shelters and bill boards.






Agency: iSentia
Executive Producer and Creative Director: Stuart Hipwell
Producer: Danielle Said
Director: Nick Bolton
Director of Photography: Nathaniel T Jackson
Camera operator: Christiaan Blok
Sound operator: Jules Ambroisine
Photographer: James Stewart
Make up Artist Nicolle Adrichem
Edited by iSentia

Mission Australia

Year: 2016
Categories: Social Impact Contet, TVCs