Lysicrates Prize: Event Highlights



The Lysicrates Prize is a philanthropic initiative presented by The Lysicrates Foundation in association with Griffin and The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. The founders, John and Patricia Azarias, were inspired by a theatre competition that took place in Athens in 400 B.C. where the public would fill an amphitheater and vote for the best play. They brought the competition back to life, and restored the previously crumbling Lysicrates monument in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens.

Today’s iteration of the competition invites Australian playwrights to send in the first act of a play. The entries are shortlisted and the three finalists get to present a reading of their first act at the annual Lysicrates Prize event at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The audience then vote on the winner, who will see their script developed into a full play.


The Lysicrates Prize is a celebration of both theatre and democracy. The event itself had many facets: the introduction, the three play readings, the vote, the procession down to the lawns and the eventual announcement of the winner and subsequent celebrations. TEN ALPHAS had to capture the spirit of this large event in a short highlights reel.

We filmed using multiple cameras in order to capture the event from all angles and trimmed the footage into a moving video that still tells the full Lysicrates story.


The client was delighted with the result. The video aptly conveyed the sense of grandeur associated with the event and can be used to promote the Lysicrates cause to new audiences.


Director: Jonathan Adams
Producer: Madeleine King and Nick Bolton
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Camera Operator: Jess Milne and Faiyaz Ghazi
Editor:Jonathan Adams

The Lysicrates Foundation

Year: 2017
Categories: Trailer