Rough Stuff
No Roads, No Worries.



They call them “Rovers” – aimless wanderers and drifters living on the fringes of society in the vast Australian outback, looking to escape their pasts and start anew.

Buzz (played by Gareth Rickards) has been to damn near every corner of the continent searching for the legendary Stray’s Gold – a haul that will keep him in parts and petrol for the rest of his days. But, just as he is ready to give up, Buzz is approached by Eric (Jamie Kristian), who has come into possession of a map to Stray’s Gold. Eric is happy to part with the map in exchange for passage – he and his activist friends Tori (Hayley Sullivan), Skye (Katie Garfield) and Tom (Adam Horner) want to stage a protest at the site of a new mine from mega mining company Madsen Minerals, headed by nefarious billionaire Daniel Madsen (Robert Babin). To get to the mine unseen, they must travel through the impenetrable Mamuya Valley.


Writter & Director: Jonathan Adams Director
Producers: Kelly Tomasich & Nicole Johnschwager
Executive Producers: Steve Jaggi, Jonathan Adams, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, Craig Deeker
Associate Producers: Jack Crombie, Nick Bolton
Director of Photography: Jack Crombie
Production Designer: Andrew Boland
Production Manager: Erin Harvey
Editors: Jonathan Adams, Marcus d’Arcy
Music: Ned McPhie, Matt Rudduck
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne
Casting Director: Steven Gregory
Principal Cast: Gareth Rickards, Vincent Adriano, Sam Glissan, Katie Garfield, Jamie Kristian, Hayley Sullivan, Adam Horner


Rough Stuff Movie

Year: 2016 Release
Categories: Feature Film