When character archetypes run wild…



In most stories there are four character archetypes, in writer Mac’s imagination there’s anarchy…
When Pro (protagonist) decides he doesn’t want to drive any more stories, Sidey (sidekick) is afraid that it will make his existence pointless. He tries to enlist the other archetypes’ help to get Pro back in the game but they’ve got their own issues to deal with.
Ant (antagonist) is too busy exploring his feminine side, Love (interest) is hell-bent on revenge and Connie’s (conscience/therapist) libido has got the better of her. Sidey finally manages to get them all together and discovers that he has his own story to tell.


Producers: Nick Bolton, Claire Jones & Jim Shomos
Director of Photography: Bruce Phillips
Editor: Kelly Hucker
Composer: Yuri Worontschak
Sound Designer: Russell Goldsmith
Motion Graphics: Chad Twentyman
Vocals on Credits Music: Susie Ahern


Year: 2011
Categories: Short Film

ACS Award for Cinematography 2012