Stop Keep Start for Datarati



Datarati is a Lifecycle Marketing Automation Agency based in Australia, focused on developing multi-channel campaigns across the lead & customer lifecycle.


Datarati needed to reposition their business. Traditionally, they consulted and helped the implementation of the Marketo platform. The company wanted to reposition themselves as the strategic marketing agency of choice for any marketing automation platform.


Originally a webcast was considered, then an event, then in conjunction with our sister agency CAPITAL-e Events, TEN ALPHAS came up with a hybrid solution of a breakfast at the MCA that was by event invite only for VIP customers, with a live webcast for prospects.

The event involved two stages. For the first hour, over breakfast, there was a discussion of a number of topics. The second hour was the presentation of these topics to the live webcast audience.

Datarati have identified 4 categories in the marketing automation process with three sub topics per category. Guests were split into 4 groups of 8 and colour coded by category.

  1. Traditional Marketing: Data, Email Marketing, Campaigns (blue group)
  2. Demand Generation: Lead Generation, Customer Lifecycle Marketing & Social Media (green group)
  3. Integrated Pipeline: Marketing & Sales Alignment, Scoring and Actionable Insights (yellow group)
  4. Revenue Performance Management: Analytics, Revenue Cycle Modelling & Optimisation (red group)

Each table featured a team leader (a Datarati member of staff who would facilitate the conversation), and a subject matter expert (a Thought Leader).

The delegates had to discuss what they should ‘Stop doing’, ‘Keep doing’ and ‘Start doing’ for each of the 4 categories and sub topics in 2014. This was called the ‘Stop Keep Start pledging’ methodology.

After an hour, an MC invited, in turn, onto the stage, the Thought Leaders and Team Leaders from each group, who summarised the Stop Keep Start pledges for their category. This hour was live-streamed to 300 people with online polls and questions complimenting the discussion, creating great engagement and interactivity.


The campaign had many benefits for Datarati.


TEN ALPHAS delivered a large amount of content from the event. The live webcast in its entirety, the on-demand webcast in its entirety, an audio recording of the event, 12 videos for each sub topic, vox pops with delegates and staff, a highlights video. Furthermore, a Visual Scribe Artist scribed all the outputs on a white board. This was turned into a high-res document, which was emailed to all the delegates in the room and online, an hour or two after the event. A great leavepiece!


For a free event, attendees stayed to the end of formal proceedings and indeed stayed behind networking afterwards. The live webcast reported strong numbers at its duration with little drop off rates. Delegates mentioned that they got real practical outcomes to take back to their companies.


Both at the table and in the webcast chat room, there was valuable discussion about the subject matter.

Campaign extension

Datarati were able to initiate a 12 step post-event marketing campaign, with the content extending the communication process for many months after the event.

Return on investment

Datarati were very happy with the impact of the campaign. The results of Stop Keep Start were phenomenally successful.

TEN ALPHAS provided strategic direction, a unique creative and aesthetic production, value for money, and content which significantly extended the lifetime the campaign.


Director: Nick Bolton
Producer: Nick Bolton
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Sound Recordist: Zane Pearson
Editor: Jonathan Adams


Year: 2014
Categories: Events and Conferences

Motion Graphics