UK Recruitment Video for Telemedicine Clinic



Telemedicine Clinic is Europe’s leading tele-radiology company.

There is a chronic shortage of qualified radiologists in the UK.

Radiology services are required 24/7 yet asking radiologists to work through the night is difficult and expensive. This is called the the “on-call” night time radiology gap  and is at its most acute during the UK night time.

TeleMedicine Clinic are able to use proprietary web based technology, and specially designed radiology reporting tools, allowing radiologists to work in a flexible manner.

Therefore, TMC can recruit qualified radiologists in the UK and move them to Australia, where the time difference allows for daytime reporting during the UK night time shift.

Consequently, geography is no longer a limitation to delivering radiology support around the clock!

TMC offers UK radiologists a short term relocation to Australia, manages their move, finds them accommodation and schooling and takes over all the paperwork and admin to make it a seamless experience.


TEN ALPHAS were commissioned by TMC to create a short recruitment video that promotes the lifestyle benefits of such a move in an exciting way, reassuring them that this can be both a career and a lifestyle opportunity. The video would be used at radiology conferences around Europe, as web and social media content, as a general recruitment tool and potentially to share with media.

TEN ALPHAS were asked to provide an upbeat tone to the recruitment video to sell a positive picture of this being the chance of a lifetime. We were asked to feature lifestyle imagery of a real family who have experienced this, and to show the amazing lifestyle opportunities to be found in and around Sydney.


After chatting with the staff at TMC, we followed the day in the life of Christian, a Swedish radiologist, who loves living in Manly allowing him to go surfing before and/or after work
He took some extra GoPro footage himself by attaching the camera to his surfboard.
These beautiful lifestyle shots, together with a staff birthday celebration we were able to film in the TMC office, and some imagery of the impressive interactive technology used by the company, allowed us to attain the up-beat, positive, friendly vibe requested.


The client was very happy with recruitment video we produced, as it achieved the goal of showing off the benefits of moving to Australia to work for TMC, both in terms of lifestyle and career.


Written and Directed by Nick Bolton
Produced by Erin Harvey
Director of Photography: Sidat de Silva
Edited by Jake Heath

Telemedicine Clinic


Year: 2016
Categories: Recruitment Video

Motion Graphics