Coal Services for Telstra



Telstra Corporation Limited is Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company which builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services.


Telstra Enterprise are responsible for selling enterprise technical network infrastructure solutions to enterprise clients. These solutions can be sales of a million dollars plus. Their Business and Enterprise target market is therefore very specific and contained, as not many clients that can afford this expenditure. It is a complex technical solution sale rather than a commoditised sale, which involves a lot of pre-sales work. Telstra facilitates this pre-sales process through of a large suite of tools and content, for example white papers, fact sheets, case studies and videos. Customer advocacy is the main driver, particularly customer advocacy videos. Telstra were not happy with the quality and cost of previous video content providers, not feeling like a priority client or that providers knew the market particularly well.


TEN ALPHAS were brought in because Nick has worked in B2B Enterprise Cloud selling for 10 years, and understands the features and benefits and company like Telstra can provide.

As TEN ALPHAS are a smaller organization we could be more nimble, flexible and responsive to Telstra’s requirements, and also offer cost advantages and introduce new ways of doing things.

    • For example, rather than providing one 4-5 minute case study video, we introduced a suite of videos around each customer, comprising:
  • an Overview video
  • a CEO video (the perspective of the Premium Partner choosing Telstra to suit the company’s corporate benefits)
  • a CIO/CCO video (the perspective of the C-level manager about the problem within the business that needed fixing and how Telstra could do this), and
  • an End User video (on how the end user’s life was made easier, better, more efficient and productive as a result of the C-level manager implementing the new business solutions)

All Telstra Enterprise videos are hosted on the Youtube platform with the annotations (clickable text overlays) linking the Overview video to the other videos.


After working with TEN ALPHAS for a year, Telstra are very happy with the results. We have offered Telstra a competitive price, responsive service, creative content ideas, and video strategy solutions.






Director: Nick Bolton
Producer: Erin Harvey
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Editor: Jonathan Adams
Animation: Dave Cochrane


Year: 2014
Categories: Case Studies

Motion Graphics