The Art of Perseverance in Feature Filmmaking
98% hustle 2% film making


What is The Art of Perseverance?

All art forms require an element of perseverance. To some non-creative people, artists have to expend large amounts of time, effort and self-funding to pursue their art, and the lack of return of non-fiscal income seems absurd. Yet creative people persevere. Why?

Looking at art forms, it’s relatively easier to write a poem, or make a song, or paint a picture. These can be solo pursuits.
The average feature film takes 7 years to complete and requires multiple people to be involved.

In his upcoming documentary The Art of Perseverance in Feature Filmmaking, Nick Bolton investigates the concept of perseverance in film, hoping that his research will help present and future generations of filmmakers achieve their dreams.

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Writer & Director: Nick Bolton
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Editor: Adrian Powers
Producer: Nick Bolton
Graphic Design: Handsome Creative
Motion Graphics: Dave Cochrane


Year: 2016
Categories: Feature Film, Documentary