The Art of Start Up Perseverance

The Art of Start Up Perseverance is a continuation of Nick Bolton’s first documentary, The Art Perseverance in Feature Filmmaking.

At the centre of the film is the iAccelerate Centre in Wollongong, the essential cog of the Illawarra Innovation Ecosystem, which will leverage the Illawarra region’s manufacturing based economy into a high tech innovation hub.

The film follows iAccelerate residents on their start up journey, persevering to make their dreams a reality. We also speak to key players involved in the Illawarra’s rapid transformation, including:

  • The Hon Gordon Bradbery – Lord Mayor of Wollongong
  • Gareth Ward – NSW Member for Kiama
  • Professor Paul Wellings – Vice-Chancellor UoW
  • Professor Judy Raper – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) UoW
  • Omar Khalifa – iAccelerate CEO
  • Elizabeth Eastland – iAccelerate Founder and former CEO
  • Eddy de Gabriele – CEO of Edmen Group, Chair of Regional Development Australia – Illawarra
  • Joanne Kubota – Director of Global Solution Strategies
  • Prof Jerry Engels – Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley


  • Financial perseverance
  • Creative perseverance
  • Professional perseverance
  • Personal perseverance
  • Women in tech

Check out a few of our vignettes that track the story so far:





Executive Producers: Jess Milne and Nick Bolton
Presenter: Nick Bolton
Director of Photography: Jess Milne
Producer: Madeleine
Motion Graphics: Jess Milne


Year: 2017
Categories: Feature Film, Documentary