The Bloody Long Walk
A short documentary.


TEN ALPHAS love supporting good causes, and this short documentary covers our participation in The Bloody Long Walk.



The Bloody Long Walk is a fundraising and awareness initiative by the AMDF (Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation). The Sydney event runs from Palm Beach to Manly along 35kilometres of the finest beaches Sydney has to offer.



“Hey guys, who is up for waking up at 4.30am on a Sunday morning and walking 35kilometres?” said Nick one afternoon.
Silence rang around the office.
Thankfully a few foolhardy souls shared Nicks vision, and TEN ALPHAS were able to muster a team of superstars willing to put themselves on the line for charity.

And so a few months later, we found ourselves at 5am at Central Station boarding a shuttle bus for the 1hr 45minute trip to Palm Beach! As the bus trundled up Pittwater Road, it dawned on us that the way home was by foot. It seemed a very very long bus ride!

Disembarking at Palm Beach to 3,500 other walkers was a buzz. Whales frolicked off shore, everyone seemed to be taking selfies and a there was a huge air of anticipation and excitement. Groups of several hundred walkers left in groups every ten minutes or so.

The walk is predominantly along beaches and cliff walks, so you really get to see the coastline at its best.



There were 7 checkpoints along the route where there were some amazing volunteers to offer free water, oranges, bananas and sunscreen, as well as some hearty vocal support. The St Johns Ambulance teams were also there to assist with sore blisters and other medical ailments picked up on route.

It is a beautiful walk, as you pass stunning properties, golden sands with waves crashing next to you and awesome vantage points. We often took our shoes off and walked in the water, cooling our hot feet. Whales broke the surface out at sea, parrots and cockatoos squawked at us from above. With so much variety there was always something new to look at and stimulate conversation.

We stopped to have the occasional coffee, and had a nice long lunch at Mona Vale, but were exceptionally well disciplined not to stop for a quick pint as we passed several inviting pubs and bars!

What really shone through more that anything was the camaraderie amongst the walkers. Everyone was up for a chat to help pass the time and take our minds off the distance. As the sun started to fall, Manly was in sight and everyone seemed to find a final spurt of energy. Crossing the finish line was an amazing buzz.



The event raised over half a million dollars for the AMDF which will help enrich the lives of many. I know the walk enriched our lives. Good friends, stunning locations and a challenging physical task.

As a video production company, we wanted to document the journey, but of course couldn’t carry much gear. Nick filmed the event on his iPhone 6 and GoPro Hero4. With no tripods or stabilisation, hand control was key. We also had no lights or audio resources… The video scrubbed up okay all things considered!


Year: 2015
Categories: Short Film, Documentary, Pro Bono