Wealth Conference for Apmasphere



Apmasphere is one of Australia’s leading Real Estate Property Manager training companies. It is a support network to provide structure and systems where they are needed.


Apmasphere utilise digital platforms to promote and indeed sell their services. Online marketing plays a big part in building the community. However online video had not played a very big part and was being done sporadically and
Apmasphere asked TEN ALPHAS to come on board to produce video content, as a way of helping the Business Development Managers sell their services to Real Estate Property Managers around the nation in a quicker and more efficient way.


TEN ALPHAS have now produced a diverse array of videos for Apmasphere:

  • Case studies with Property Managers who had gone through the program
  • Pieces to camera from the BDMs, which serve as a sort of “video business card”.
  • Pieces to camera from the Managing director Ben White giving a brief overview about the various retreats and workshops they offer (as part of a program called Connecting the Dots).
  • Coverage of their 2014 Wealth Conference.

The Wealth Conference is Apmasphere’s marquee event: a two day conference with around 1000 attendees held on the Gold Coast every two years.
When asked to cover the event, TEN ALPHAS offered a proactive solution to create a large quantity of video output, resulting in approximately 40-50 pieces of content. This included an Event Highlights video, Golden Moment videos for each speaker, vox pops from delegates and sponsors and “Stop Keep Start” video pledges from the delegates.

TEN ALPHAS also offered a methodology to further enhance the delegates’ experience of the event, called Stop Keep Start. We ran two Stop Keep Start panel sessions, one at the beginning of the conference and one at the end, to “frame” the event. Each speaker encouraged the audience to write down what they wanted to Stop, Keep and Start doing the following year in regards to that session’s subject matter. TEN ALPHAS managed a Stop Keep Start booth, where the delegates could submit their personal pledges via iPad videos or by dropping their pledge cards into a box. The delegate with the best pledge won a place at a workshop/retreat.
This methodology was very successful and gave the audience very specific, tangible points they could action from every session. Atmasphere also sent each delegate the personal pledges their had submitted, so that on the first day of the calendar year they received in the post a personalised Stop Keep Start poster.


The video content and strategy tools provided to Apmasphere by TEN ALPHAS have been very successful.
In particular, the videos have helped Apmasphere raise its profile and put a face to the brand, developing a personable, approachable feel to the company. The videos also showcase Apmasphere’s work in an accessible, informative way, resulting in a more efficient and fast sales process. The Stop Keep Start methodology was inspiring and motivating for the delegates who attended the Wealth Conference, enhancing their experience of the event, but it was also a great intelligence-gathering tool, providing Apmasphere with insight into their current clients’ issues and informing their sales pitch to prospective clients.



Director: Nick Bolton
Producer: Erin Harvey
Director of Photography: Jonathan Adams
Editor: Adrian Powers


Year: 2014
Categories: Events & Conferences

Motion graphics