Zendesk Relate Live Sydney: Sizzle Reel



Zendesk is a customer service software company based in San Francisco, California. Zendesk provides a cloud-based customer support platform which allows quick and easy interaction between businesses and customers. Zendesk has offices worldwide in London, Madison, Taguig (Manila), Copenhagen, Dublin, Tokyo, Montpellier, Berlin, Melbourne, Singapore, and Sao Paulo. Founded in 2007, the company now has over 1,400 employees and serves 75,000 paid customers in 150 countries and territories.

TEN ALPHAS were brought on by Zendesk’s event company CAPITAL-e to produce the event videos for Sydney Relate Live, held at Doltone House in July 2016.

Relate is home to a diverse selection of expert content and deep thoughts from Zendesk. It connects the business side of what Zendesk does (creating software for improving customer interactions) to the more general human desire for better relationships.
Relate helps examine, ponder, and improve interactions between people, including customers, co-workers and friends.


One of the videos outputs TEN ALPHAS were asked to produce was an overnight sizzle reel, filmed during day one of the event and screened on day two.
This involved extensive pre-production planning.
We discussed the video brief in depth with the client and editor, got a signed-off music track, and assembled all assets well in advance of the edit.
During the filming of the event, our producer noted down the time codes of key golden moments in the keynotes, and sent delivered the morning’s footage to the editor during the lunch break. The producer delivered the final footage to the editor in the evening, and briefed him on all the content. We locked the client in to review a first draft at 6am the following morning.
The editor worked through the night, delivered the first draft to schedule, made the minor changes requested by the client, and outputted the video by 8am. Our producer then couriered the drive the event, where the vision and audio was tested by the event crew, and was screened at 9am.
Thanks to our careful planning and production processes, the project went seamlessly without any issues.


The client was very pleased with the video, and very impressed by the quick turnaround and quality of our work. The audience responded well to the video being screened at the beginning of day two of the event, and particularly enjoyed seeing themselves appear in some of the shots of the big screen.


Agency: CAPITAL-e
Director: Nick Bolton
Producer: Erin Harvey
Director of Photography: Christiaan Blok
Camera operator: Evan Zell
Timelapse Photographer: Sam Eder
Editor: Adrian Powers


Year: 2016
Categories: Event Video

Motion Graphics