Entrepreneurialism is kind of addictive. TEN ALPHAS is our sixth startup so we know a thing or two about it.

Whilst we make most of our content for the Corporate and Enterprise sectorwe have a soft spot for the startup sector and are happy to accommodate your budget if yours is a product or service we like the sound of.


Our Startup Work:

We are proud to be the “Filmmaking Entrepreneurs in Residence at the University of Wollongong incubator iAccelerate.

Our job there is to mentor the iAccelerate resident startups in content creation.

Furthermore, we are making a documentary on The Art of Start Up Perseverance, which follows several of the iAccelerate residents on their journey.
By extracting and making available the lessons they learnt, we hope to inform, educate and inspire other aspiring startup entrepreneurs.


Our Startup Clients:

The Appointiv Salesforce app facilitates organization of teams, rooms and resources, with automatic reminders, calendar sync and more.

Arijea enables Atlassian Enterprise customers to scale their businesses effectively, with cutting edge products and services.

The Blrt app enables you to talk, point and draw over images, documents and websites, to help you communicate faster and collaborate more effectively.

Life Sherpa is an online financial advice platform, to help you take control of your finances in your own home, in your own time.

Me3D is an Australian manufacturer of low cost 3D printers designed for use in homes, schools and offices.

The HealthReady app schedules health to fit your life, maintains your motivation and focus, provides the support you need, and tracks your progress.

Prospa is an Australian online lender to small business, supplying business loans in minutes, without painful paperwork or waiting in queues.

Yello helps cafes, restaurants and fast food vendors efficiently manage their home delivery and helps drivers find new driving opportunities.