Video case studies are a great way to tell the world how valuable your products or services are, in a format that is engaging and accessible. They invite your audience to watch real-life examples of how you were able to satisfy your client’s needs and help them accomplish their goals. 


Some examples of our work:

Elements of a great case study:

  • A touching and inspiring story

By approaching a case study as a storyteller you can take the viewer on a dramatic journey. By encouraging the audience to empathise with the human subjects in your story, they will care about the outcome, and be uplifted be the positive result your business was able to make possible.

  • A relatable situation to your target audience

Who is your target audience? What are their pain points and obstacles? Your case study should highlight problems that are relatable to your target audience, and solutions that would be of help and interest them.

  • Clarity of problem, solutions and and results

By clear, concise and structured in how you outline the benefits you provided your customer. Who is the subject client and what do they do? What were their goals? What were their needs? How did you satisfy those needs and help your client meet their goals? Provide detail and specific results.

  • Sincere and conversational interviews

For your viewers to be able to relate to your client, you should present the subjects in your video as “real” people. We recommend steering away from scripted statements, and instead vying for conversational interviews, which then can be edited together to form a believable story as told by your customer.

  • Interesting settings and good music

The viewer will enjoy watching the story unfold within interesting locations and situations. For example, to supplement workplace settings, you could film your interviewee at their house, outdoors or in a cafe, or doing a hobby or activity they enjoy. It is also nice to have a variety of overlay footage to keep your video engaging, and music can be used to keep up the pace and energy.


What can you expect from us?

  • Treatment and scriptwriting

We will work with you to develop an engaging case study story. This will include discovery chats with you and your client, so that we fully understand your companies, products and services, personalities and goals. We will suggest visual and story-telling approaches that will properly showcase your business and connect with your audience.

  • Production

We will take care of the pre-production and shoot, filming interviews and overlay footage. We will provide a professional crew, including cameraman, director and producer, to ensure quality, efficiency and no stress.

  • Post Production

We will take care of all post production, including editing, animation and music. We will provide various drafts for your approval, and make sure that we deliver a quality product that you are happy with.

  • Distribution

We are happy to give you distribution advice if you require it. This includes where, when and how to publish your video content, as well as SEO and advertising tips.