• Why should I hire you?
    • We work on every project like it’s the next big thing, because who knows, it might just be!
    • We use professional, up to date equipment, and provide you with innovative stylistic and thematic ideas to make your content stand out.
    • We have formal qualifications in the business of filmmaking, video production and creative storytelling.
    • Our clients say lovely things about us! Read our testimonials.
    • We have great examples of our experience spanning directing, producing, acting and writing for theatre and film, as well as business administration, online strategy and consulting. You can watch them here
    • We participate regularly and often speak at events covering subjects such as filmmaking, transmedia, content marketing, online strategy, and Cloud-based technology.
    • We attend industry conferences, webinars and workshops in order to stay up to date with new technologies, techniques and trends.
    • We’re a friendly and generous group of people to work with and we’ll be with you all the way.
    Can we have a meeting in person?

    Of course, we are based in Sydney’s CBD. Send us an email to get in touch and let us know a bit about yourself. We will be happy to arrange a meeting with you in person or lets just jump on a Google Hangout if thats easier.

    How long does a video take to make?

    The usual time frame from initial sign off to delivery of content is 2-4 weeks.  This period spans approximately 2 weeks of pre-production, one week on production and upwards of a week for post production. This depends on the workflow, how quickly information is supplied by the client, how quickly feedback and approvals can be given and how much existing “b-roll” (footage and imagery) is made available.

    How much does a video cost?

    That depends on the scope. We prefer to take your brief, and then work out ways to offer better value to clients and provide them a return on investment. We will often suggest producing multiple videos simultaneously, to lower the cost per video, and suggest an online video strategy to distribute this content over time, through multiple channels.

    A job can cost anything from a $5000 to $50,000, depending on the nature of the production, talent, location, video length.

    Once you brief us on a job, we will provide a quote of the approximate total cost. We will supply this quote free of charge, so why not just get in touch to see if we can provide a suitable solution for you?

    What are your terms?

    Ah yes the good old legals. You can find them here.

    How can I tell my colleagues and friends about you?

    Oh, you are too kind. A facebook plug/review usually hits the spot. Emailing us a testimonial is also a nice way of letting our potential clients know they’ve come to the right place.

    Why do we ask for examples you like?

    Before developing a creative treatment for a project, we will often ask you for examples of work you particularly like. This will give us an insight into the style and type of content you expect, and will help us produce outputs that align with your requirements and expectations.

  • What’s a treatment?

    When we receive a brief, that requires a creative approach, we will provide three treatments, or interpretations of how that brief can be treated! This is usually a paragraph or two with some mood board pictures. This way you get to evaluate the best possible response to the brief. The treatment then gets developed into a script

    Why do we like to write your script?

    The script is everything and scriptwriting is a specific talent. Often the client is too close to the subject matter, or tries to cram too many key messages into a short clip. More often than not, a client writes the script from a text perspective and not from a storytelling or emotional perspective. We like to humanize your story.

    Why is the script required one week before sign off?

    The script dictates many elements like location, props, wardrobe, talent, etc. If it’s not received one week before the scheduled sign off deadline, it might be impossible to source those elements in time and so compromise the whole shoot.

    Why can the quote change after receipt of the script?

    A quote is subject to change after receipt of the script, due to the variations in production costs that can occur. The script will, for example, influence how many actors, locations, props, and equipment will be required for production. The quote is an estimate of what TEN ALPHAS believe will be necessary for production, however if production costs change due to requests from the client, the quote will reflect these changes.

    Talent booking: timelines and costs

    Talent booking takes time. We prefer to do an audition with a casting director. If your budget doesn’t allow this, then we will source them manually. We will require a brief from the client. Once we have sourced various talent options, we will send descriptions and images to the clients for approval, or arrange auditions with the client.

    Talent costs cover a/ their time to learn the lines, b/ their time on set, c/ the rights for their image to be used (specific to the type of media, and the type and timelines of distribution).

    Why do we love a location recce?

    When possible, we will request to view shooting locations prior to production. This will allow us to plan the setup, and arrange suitable lighting and sound equipment. Being in the space just makes you assess the environment and its suitability for the production much more accurately. Alternatively, we will request images or footage of locations prior to production so at least we are familiar with them. Turning up blind is not the best pre production scenario.

  • Why is it important to get client approval of each shot?

    We will ask the client representative who is on set to approve the framing of each shot, and to approve each take, so that there is no margin for error in the footage.

    Why does it take so long to bump in?

    Bump in accounts for arriving at the venue, for parking, for lugging all the gear out of the car and into the venue, finding a suitable location to store and carefully assemble and test all the sound, lighting and camera equipment. We need to recce the location again and set dress it prior to the talent arriving. As you can imagine this takes quite a lot of time.

    Why do we charge in half day or full day production times?

    TEN ALPHAS charges for half day (4hrs) or full day (8 hrs) blocks of time. This is due to the time required for set-up, travel, organisation, and rates charged by subcontractors.

  • Why do we insist on scoping out the number of rounds of edits?

    TEN ALPHAS work with small, medium and large clients. With each client, we arrange a suitable approval process for edits, prior to commencement of post-production.

    This approval process is structured around a certain number of rounds of edits, each of which is signed off by a specific group of stakeholders. For example, if 3 rounds of edits are agreed on, the first round could be approved by the Project Team, the second round by the Customer, the third round by the Legal Team.

    We will wait for all feedback on a round of edits to be supplied in one go, before progressing to the subsequent round. This creates an organised and contained workflow, ensuring the edits are approved by the necessary stakeholders and that the output is delivered on schedule

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