Professional Video Production in Sydney.

We create content.

Moving image content. Content for corporates and creatives.
Content that sits on all screens and platforms. Content that moves you.

Moving content.

Who are TEN ALPHAS you may ask…

We are an Australian video production company with office in Sydney, Wollongong NSW and Melbourne, and we are passionate about telling stories through moving image content.

Our videos aim to engage audiences through a combination of creative scripting of touching personal human stories, out-of-the-ordinary scenarios, beautiful cinematography, motion graphics and animation. We will often encourage companies to push the boundaries to create unique and exciting branded content. We guarantee that our work will exceed your expectations, and that you will thoroughly enjoy working with us. Please get in touch, and ask us to tell your story!


We offer three main services: corporate video production, creative projects developing IP, and strategy services for organisations.


Our corporate work includes promotional videos, event videos, TVCs, case studies, training and interactive educational videos, and live webcasts.


We develop our own creative projects, and yours too, across many formats such as feature film, documentary, short film, theatre and web series.


Our consulting arm provides a strategic framework for organisations wishing to develop their video content production and distribution strategies.


Here are some of the organisations whose story we have been pleased to tell.

Salesforce - Ten Alphas
Telstra - Ten Alphas
Datarati - Ten Alphas
Cloud Sherpas - Ten Alphas