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Published by TEN ALPHAS | 19th September 2019

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Shining a light on unbelievably beautiful content, with Alex Kesselaar, Light Painter

Light painting is such a unpredictable electrifying format. Every shot is always unique. It can't be the same. Electric light creates wonderful energy and movement in the shot. Read more from one of Australia's leading light painters, and our good friend, about how he used light painting for his clients. Short version here.


Why our brains crave infographics? With Jess Milne

Everyone loves a good infographic! Distill complex information - tick! Clean pretty graphics - tick! But why? Well there is a bit of science behind the art! Read on! Short version here.


Getting savvy with content strategy,with Monica Davidson, NSW Creative Business Advisor

Too often content is viewed as a project or a campaign. But for content marketing to work effectively, it requires a clear strategy, a defined goal and consistent development, according to the NSW Creative Industries Business Advisor, Monica Davidson, who knows a thing or two about it! Short version here.


The Art of Perseverance with Nick Bolton.
For his Masters thesis, Nick investigated the role that perseverance plays in fimmaking. Here is a snapshot of the findings and advice for all creatives, business owners, and indeed anyone indulging in a long project. Short version here


Why Editors make the best directors, with Adrian Powers

When watching the credits on a feature film, my Dad often exasperatedly asks why so many people who are needed. This tongue in cheek article argues that the best directors are also editors as that is where the story is really created, whilst raising somevery valid points! Short version here.


A strategy for your content strategy with Jess Milne

A good content strategy workshop is a great way to draw a line in the sand, see where you are at, and plan where you want to get to. Having conducted many workshops over the years, here are five key considerations that need to be at the forefront of your analysis. Short version here.