The Art of Storytelling and Visual Communication in Marketing

Published by TEN ALPHAS | 1st February 2020

CMO Masterclass - Visual communication

So often briefs, internal or external, are word documents that do a great job discussing the objectives, the key messages, the target market - you know the sort. But so few actually give you any insight into the visual approach. This Masterclass workshop is a great way of getting the whole team on the same page.

An accurate measure of a leading marketer is the ability to inspire as a storyteller.
At the CMO Summit 2018, we delivered a Masterclass in The Art of Storytelling and Visual Communication to Chief Marketing Officers.

The masterclass offered enriching insights by uncovering the dark art of visual communication, bringing out a marketer’s inner artist using tools such as sketching, storyboarding, word association, mind mapping, conceptual thinking methods and mood boarding techniques.
We unlocked the vault to a range of practical skills and tools to help marketers express themselves visually
And we articulated ideas and visions in collaborative and instructive ways to help colleagues and creative teams tell story together.

View the presentation here

The Masterclass was amazing - it brought out my inner child, the techniques unlocked parts of my brain that had gone dormant, and which worked immediately on a current campaign, plus it was FUN!

We run a half day extended version of our Masterclass for up to 10 people for $4,000 excl GST.
Perfect for some internal team building and some fun focussed creative thought around a tricky topic.
– Work around a specific project / task
– Use the techniques to challenge your thinking
– Build the best creative brief you’ve ever made
– Learn how to integrate this thinking intro all creative briefs for all marketing channels